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electrical engineering

Course:- Diploma In Electrical Engineering(DEE).


The three years diploma in electrical engineering, is conducted by the OIMT Delhi, has been designed for meeting the growing needs of experts in the field of electrical engineering, electronic instrumentation e.t.c

Eligibility: - 10th with work experience.


Semester 1

* Applied Mathematics - I

* Applied Physics - I

* Applied Chemistry - I

* Applied Mechanics -I

Semester 2

* Applied Mathematics – II

* Applied Physics – II

* Applied Chemistry – II

* Applied Mechanics -II

Semester 3

* Electrical & Electronics Engineering Materials

* Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

* Basic Electronics

* Electrical Engineering Design & Drawing – I

Semester 4

Electrical Machines – I
Electrical Devices & Circuits
Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments
Electrical Engineering Design & Drawing – II

Semester 5

Electrical Machines – II             
* Power Generation-I
Industrial Electronics and Control of Drives
*Digital Electronics & Microprocessors

Semester 6

*Utilization of Electrical Energy
*Installation and Maintenance of Equipment           
Modern Electric Traction
* Power Generation-II

3 years/ 6 months

electrical engineering

Course:- Bachelor in engineering (B.E) (Electrical).


Objective- The four years distance learning bachelor in electrical engineering (B.E),is conducted by the OIMT Delhi ,has been designed for meeting the growing needs of experts in the field of Electrical engineering, power generation, industrial circuit etc.

Eligibility: - 10+2(PCM) or Diploma (3years) or I.T.I with work experience


Semester 1

*Engineering Mechanics-1
*Engineering Drawings-1
*Basic Electrical-1
*Electrical Engineering -1

Semester 2

*Electrical Engineering – 2                
*Engineering Mechanics-2
*Engineering Drawings-2
*Basic Electrical-2

Semester 3

*Electrical instrumentation-1
*Electrical Engineering - 3           
*Engineering Drawings-3
*Engineering Mechanics-3

Semester 4

*Industrial Circuit-1
*Electrical Instrumentation-2
*Industrial Electrical-1
*Environmental Engineering

Semester 5

*Industrial Circuit-2 
*Power Generation-1
*Electrical Instrumentation-3.              
*Industrial Electrical-2

Semester 6

*Computer Designing-1
*Electric Machines-1
*Power Generation-2
*Industrial Electrical-3

Semester 7

*Instrumentation and control engineering
*Group Project
*Electric Machines-2
*Computer Designing-2

Semester 8

*Industrial Networking
*Major Project

4 years/ 6 months